Rekey locks in North Miami

rekey locksA rekey locks is a changed lock that has been altered to allow a new key to operate it. Rekeying is usually done when a lock owner has become concerned about the effectiveness of a lock and if unauthorized people have keys to their lock. A locksmith can alter a lock so that only new keys will work from then on.

If you are unsure if your property needs to be rekeyed or you must purchase a new lock together, itrekeying locks in north miami florida is a good idea to call a reputable locksmith such as the locksmiths at Aventura Locksmith. We can take a look at the lock in question and determine if you need a simple rekey or if you should purchase a new lock. How many customers who were unaware of their options when it comes to changing their locks would surprise you.

Rekey Locks 

A locksmith from Aventura Locksmith would remove the pins and springs that are in the lock cylinder. Afterward, replace the old pins and springs with new springs that would work with a new and different key. To rekey a lock is a good idea for most locks unless the lock in question is malfunctioning or if the client wants a brand new lock style altogether. However, a rekey lock can operate as well or sometimes even better than what it was before.

rekey lock in north miamiA common reason to rekey a lock is to maintain key control. A lock that has too many keys cannot be an effective lock. It is a great way to account for every key and maintain control of access. This is especially important for business and sometimes for those who purchase a new home.

Aventura Locksmith has many years of experience helping their client rekey their locks. We are friendly, fast and an affordable option. Call us today at 305-501-4640.