Locksmith Tools and How we use Them

Here at Aventura Locksmith we believe that we should always keep our client’s up to date. Transparency is crucial to us here. So we’ve created a little guide as to how we operate. Locksmiths, like any other profession, need utensils to properly do our job. These locksmith tools are what allows us to open your car for you or let you back into your home.

Locksmith ToolsLocksmith service in Davie, FL

Automotive Door Opener – Colloquially known as the ‘Slim Jim’ often to its demise. There are a few tools that we use to open vehicular doors. The Slim Jim is a thin metallic bar that allows us to pull up on the string that opens the door. There is another device called the air wedge, which is designed like a small airbag. You pry the door open a little bit and then wedge the bag in the crack. Fill it up with air until it pops the door open. This does not damage the door because it’s simply forcing the lock to slide open, not bust out.

Lock picks – Hard to avoid these when talking about locksmith tools. These are the rather iconic Locksmith Toolslock picks, and they come in a large variety. Just to name a few, these are the most common lock picks: Half-diamond, hooks, ball, rakes, and decoders. Several lock picks are made for one specific type of lock and to discuss these at lengths would warrant their blog post for a different time.

Power drill – This might seem like an odd part of this list because it’s very ‘generic.’ However, power drills are often the easiest way to install locks. A proper power drill can take the lock out of the door even if you only open it from one side!

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