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There are many reasons why you would hire a locksmith in Aventura. While most people assume they are only needed when they are locked out, the true reasons are legion. One of the most overlooked services provide by us Aventura Locksmiths is our location assessment service.

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Location assessment is when one of our locksmiths are hired to survey a location for vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can present themselves in any number of ways. Old locks, too many previous owners without the locks being changed, faulty wiring in the security system or no security system at all. When our locksmiths search these areas, they are highly attentive to these weak areas.

The locksmith has been taking their time and jotting down all the notes that come to mind. Next, they will call our office here in the heart of Aventura. At this point, they will present their findings and consult with us on the best decision. Our standard option tends to be new locks, new security system and key duplication for all the workers you need. We will make our assessment based on what is appropriate for your location. We wouldn’t insist on CCTV’s and Grade-1 Locks for every door in a mansion on US 1.

After we’ve negotiated the contract and arrived at a happy middle ground, our locksmiths will get to work. At this point we will often replace the locks, touch up the security system and of course, duplicate the keys. The key duplication is the most important part because this is a fresh lock with no other alternate keys prepared for them. It is up to you as the owner to decide who is allowed to have the keys, and it is a large responsibility.

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When you are searching for your locksmith in Aventura, look no further than our service. We have been proudly helping Aventura for our entire lives and offer a free consultation and quotes over the phone today. Just call our number at (305) 501-4640 today!